Why Us?

At AllyWay, we understand your need for privacy and thus provide great privacy checks which protect the user from unwanted spams and potential predators.

We provide 3 levels of privacy permissions that the user can approve of:

Last seen/remembered location and time where they lived

Here, the potential family member sends a connection request and answer a personal question put up by the user. When the user approves of the answer, the request is accepted.

Chatting feature, where you could talk to potential family members who send you requests and you accept them. You could ask them questions only family members can answer, like when did you get a certain scar or where you have a certain birthmark

The chat feature is used to make sure that the person you are connected to is your family member.

At the last stage, you could share a photo of what you looked like when you were last with your family or any memorabilia.

Only if you feel like this is your family, you could give in contact information to find them back.