Welcome to LDS-API Client Demo!

See an example with code on how you might use this new lds scripture api.

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To make a call to the api, simply execute a GET function to the api server at 'http://honest.chat:1776" and pass a GET variable in the format: '/section/book/chapter'.

For example:

$ wget -O ot_gen_1.json "http://honest.chat:1776/?scrip=/ot/gen/1"

Code Example

An example javascript function utilizing a Promise is given for your programing copy-pasting convenience:

	function apiRequest(path){
		return new Promise(function(resolve){
		$.get('http://honest.chat:1776/?scrip=' + path)
				verses = JSON.parse(e);



Here is a list of books with corresponding sections (e.g. Old Testament = ot, New Testament = nt, Book of Mormon = bofm, Doctrine and Covenants =dc, Pearl of Great Price = pogp):

/ot/1-sam1 Samuel
/ot/2-sam2 Samuel
/ot/1-kgs1 Kings
/ot/2-kgs2 Kings
/ot/1-chr1 Chronicles
/ot/2-chr2 Chronicles
/ot/songSong of Solomon
/nt/1-cor1 Corinthians
/nt/2-cor2 Corinthians
/nt/1-thes1 Thessalonians
/nt/2-thes2 Thessalonians
/nt/1-tim1 Timothy
/nt/2-tim2 Timothy
/nt/1-pet1 Peter
/nt/2-pet2 Peter
/nt/1-jn1 John
/nt/2-jn/12 John
/nt/3-jn/13 John
/bofm/1-ne1 Nephi
/bofm/2-ne2 Nephi
/bofm/w-of-m/1Words of Mormon
/bofm/3-ne3 Nephi
/bofm/4-ne/14 Nephi
/dc-testament/dcDoctrine and Covenants
/pgp/js-mJoseph Smith-Matthew
/pgp/js-hJoseph Smith-History
/pgp/a-of-fArticles of Faith

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